It was December 21, 2020. I was quarantined and had nothing better to do than play video games and eat. Being so board I went through my iPad and found that I still had Minecraft. I went into the game and played for a little figuring that I would most likely delete it. I created a new world but when I entered I found it to be like the old Minecraft worlds. I mined some trees and built a small house for shelter. I went to search a cave and when I returned home I saw that my whole house had burned to the ground. The only thing left was a sign that read “Go Away This is My World”. I thought it was my sister playing a prank on me at first so I ignored it. I went back to the cave and got some iron. I made some tools and then started to fight a zombie but on the first hit it broke. I ran from the zombie and when I was far enough away from it I began to get wood for a sword when I heard foot steps behind me. I turned to see another player it was tall with black robes and was drenching with blood. In the chat it said “ I warned you and then my game crashed. I haven’t played Minecraft since.

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